Classroom Directory

Our school is separated into three buildings and three playground areas. Visitors always need to sign-in in the school office (in the A building on F Street).

Feel free to call the school office with any questions you may have. 

(530) 741-6121 ext. 0

We'll be happy to help! 

Mary Covillaud Staff

Principal - Mr. Escheman

PASS Officer - Donna Cummings

School Secretary - Mrs. Hammons

Office Clerk - Mrs. Asurmendi

Attendance Clerk - Mrs. Whiteley 

Building A: Building B: Portable Buildings P:


Cafeteria P101 - Mrs. Root
Staff Room Reading Center P102 - Conference Room
A106 - Mrs. Morris STARS Office P103 - Computer Lab
A107 - Ms. Tindel  EL Coordinator P104 - Mrs. Landrum
A108 - Ms. T B103 - Mrs. Burton P105 - Mrs. Price
A109 - Mrs. Harvey B104 - Mrs. Melo P106 - Mrs. Cahill

A110 - Library

Mrs. Ybarra & Mrs.Lemmenes

B105 - Mrs. Westcamp P107 - Miss Weber
A111 - Mrs. Hogan B106 - Mrs. Harden P109 - Mrs. Decker

P110 - Ms. Trafford

P111 - Mrs. Roper

P112 - Mrs. Babb
P113 - Mrs. Morgan
A113 - Mr. VanLiew B107 - Mr. Goode